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The purpose of this website is to provide utility of  valuable experience in technology that we developed during our careers working for NASA during the Apollo Program and other manned space flight programs that followed. At the beginning  of these programs in the early 1960’s, engineers and scientists gathered at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston Texas, later renamed the Johnson Space Center (JSC.) We came from our previous careers in the aerospace industry, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, and even a few from foreign countries to work on the greatest technological adventure of the century. Some came as engineers, scientists and pilots who were to be trained as «astronauts.» Some came with newly earned degrees from technical colleges and universities with very little experience working in this field. Many came with advanced degrees in their field, Masters and Ph.Ds. All came to face the challenge of creating a manned aerospace vehicle that could safely fly at speeds and  distances never before achieved through an unknown environment to land on the surface of the moon and safely return. Even the lunar surface  to be landed upon was not well defined. This task demanded our designs, logic, and analyses to be exceptionally accurate. As it turned out, with our technical skills, confidence and courage to work outside of established technology, and with inherent professional integrity, our untiring efforts were successful.

A half century later, in 2011 I helped pull together a few of the retired and highly experienced engineers and scientists ( and even a couple of astronauts) from the Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle and International Space Station eras for a special task. We were concerned that the question of global warming had turned into a political issue with our federal government expending an enormous amount of taxpayer funds in an attempt to change the climate by reduction of man-caused CO2 emissions (about $2 Billion per month.) We volunteered our time and effort conducting an objective, independent assessment of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) alarm and the reality of the actual threat. We have reviewed hundreds of reports and technical papers relevant to the subject matter, and discussed key issues with experts on both sides of this controversy.

During our pioneering years in the US manned space program, scientific controversy over complex technical issues was commonplace at numerous times when NASA needed to make critical spacecraft design and operational decisions affecting mission success as well as safety of astronauts. We developed unique skills and experience in problem definition, root cause analysis and rational decision-making at a skill level required to make life or death decisions with confidence.

As we got into the study of factors that cause climate change, we found that our basic engineering skills were adequate for the required analysis. In early months of our research, we found that the existing main stream climate change projections were based on highly complex computer models that had not been verified by comparison with measured data. This was a blatant violation of the principles of the Scientific Method that requires all hypotheses to be verified by comparison with accurately measured data. Our experience and professional ethics gained during the manned space program qualified us to a higher degree than the established climate scientists.

Development of an elaborate computer driven model of climate change involves the correct use of a couple of dozen forcing functions and their interactions with each other. This has been a failed effort by the climate analysis community of scientist since 1979. It has not been possible to validate the results of these complex computer models with empirical weather data, and they are therefore useless and misguiding.

Nevertheless, the results from these erroneous predictions were used to scare the general populace into believing the climate was being driven to dangerous levels of high temperature, droughts, floods, forest fires, sea level rise, hurricanes, tornados and many other disastrous events. None of this is true. The scare tactic were enhanced by referring to  CO2 emissions as «Carbon emissions.»  Carbon in fine granular form called soot can be carried in smoke from uncontrolled coal fired power plants. This type of pollution has been eliminated from modern day coal power plants. CO2 is emitted in the smoke as a gas, combined with oxygen. CO2 is colorless, odorless, non polluting, and necessary for growth of all plants and animals of the earth. The green plants of the earth have greatly flourished since fossil fuel use began wide spread use for power generation in 1865. 

 With confidence based on prior performance, we developed a simple  analytical model that could be validated by comparison with empirical data, measured over a period of 150 years since the beginning of widespread use of fossil fuels. Incredible as it seems, we were able to a get a successful solution within 2 years, and published in 2014 on our website:

 We have used this simple model to forecast what we believe will be the maximum temperature rise caused by increases in atmospheric CO2, by the end of this century, to be no more than 1 degree C. This small and harmless effect on earth surface temperature will result from continued un-restricted use of fossil fuels, until they become too scarce and costly to meet the growing energy demand of our planet.

In short we proved that Mother Nature is controlling the climate; CO2 emissions are not. And more CO2 is definitely beneficial to Mother Nature’s work. There is valid proof of significant greening of the earth since the beginning of fossil fuel use.

We are in the process of providing educational information based on our analysis to the general public and to our legislators to use our solutions in place of the flawed science that has been misleading our national energy policy for more than 40 years. Our conclusion is that CO2 has an insignificant effect on global weather conditions and temperatures, and that continued expenditures caused by this concern will have an unnecessary and serious effect on our national economy. 

​We want to continue to take advantage of these superior skills and attitude to evaluate technical issues and develop sound scientific solutions to today’s problems. We will continue our ongoing educational outreach program  to our national and local legislators and the general public beginning with high school and college to emphasize the importance of the Scientific Method and Analytical Thinking (root cause analysis.)

​​It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are.   If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.
Richard Feynman 1918-1988​

“In God we trust, all others bring data”

Johnson Space Center 1960’s

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(NASA retired aerospace engineer, USAF R & D, Apollo, Sky Lab, & Space Shuttle)